Muhammed PBUH

When Muhammed PBUH started to isolate in a cave, he was mediating peacefully, he was trying to concentrate on Allah swt.

Suddenly this creature appeared in front of the Prophet. These wings were covered in dust and suddenly this Angel with pure white complexion started to speak in a way that the Prophet was shaken. The Angel Jabrīl Came to him with the revelation of the beginning verses of the Quran.

Imagine not being able to move from the tiny room and this big Angel starts to tell you what Allah swt has planned for the humankind. All these revelations start to become true in the Prophets head and the heart.

He was told to recite the words few times, but he said “I can’t, I just can’t read!”, “Recite recite in the name of Allah swt”, exclaimed the Angel. Prophet was shaken but his heart poured out reciting the verses of the Quran.

Muhammed PBUH was so overwhelmed with the situation that he doubted himself of being insane. He went towards the cliff few times to inhale the air in and out. It helped him to clear his head. Prophet also stood at the edge of the cliff which Appeared that he would have fallen off but was saved by the Angel who stood in front of the Prophet.

Remember he was the beautiful Prophet and a human being but he was always tested with poverty, wealth, people ,patience in all his life but he never complained about his life as he knew that Allah swt tests the ones that he loves.

Can you imagine that?, thinking about what people will say when he reveals that he is the messenger of Allah swt?, He didn’t think he was the best of all the humankind, he doubted about himself as he was only a orphan and someone that was not educated at all. But he didn’t know that Allah swt chose him to be the shiny lamp for every human-being and for every Jinn here. .

Can you imagine when Muhammed PBUH went home sweating and shivering as all his body began to start becoming weak. Khadijah his wife put a cloak over him. And she assured him that indeed she believed in him and that he was the Last Prophet of Islam. That little hope that his wife had in him, made him feel better.

How many times do we support our own spouses when they start to doubt their own ability ?,How many times do we tell them that everything will be okey?, This beautiful love story between Muhammed PBUH and Khadijah was so true that she supported him by being there emotionally and financially.

Can you imagine how much pressure he had? Muhammed PBUH had a mission to convert everyone to being Muslims and giving them the correct way to worship Allah swt..

So yes it’s hard but we all are being tested with wisdom, poverty, patience, wealth, health, childern, family etc. Just keep researching the history of our Prophets and you will see how minor our own problems are….

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