Allahs Plan

Only Allah swt plans everything for us, we have a story written by the author of the universe and the heavens above. Allah swt is the judge of what we all do. Start to open your eyes and see what is happening in this world.. Just a week and so much has changed. Start to remember our creator and keep reading. You can start to do mind therapy by breathing in and out with Allah swt on your tongue. Do stretches and to zikar aswell. It really works !.

2 thoughts on “Allahs Plan

  1. Verily, He is the best of the planners, whatever He plans, turns out to be BEST. Im just in love with whatever He does. This situation, pandemic disease has brought thousands of people develop closer link and connections with Allah Tala. May He forgive us for all our sins. And accept our mere efforts. Aameen.
    PS. Your posts are beautiful reminders sister. :)šŸ’šŸŒŸā¤ļø

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