All or Nothing

We have this thinking that we need to achieve everything in one time or stay unmotivated and do nothing about it. Well it shouldn’t be like that at all, you need to be out and achieve the best you can.

Do something good, if you can not find a job then volunteer or do something beneficial. It’s like when we are worshipping right?, we start to compare our spiritually self with others around us, we start to think that we need to be better, and achieve everything in one time. No! Patience is the key, yes we can start to be the best version of ourselves but we need to stop comparing our achievements from other people.

When we see someone pious, our thoughts become negative, we don’t see the struggles of that person, our mental state shows us we need to be everything or be nothing..But please remember everyone has their own pace and that to become better we need to find out our negative habits and change that to a good positive vibe.

Stop thinking that you cannot achieve anything, just start to get up and be positive. Slowly everything will start to make sense…We need to balance everything in our lives. And that is the key for success…..

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