One night a religious woman had a dream, she saw that someone was closer to Allah swt then herself. She didn’t understand it as she always kept herself from people and worshipped Allah swt constantly while she was at home, she read the Quran and did extra prayers..

She woke up and did Wudu and started to read volunteer prayers. She uttered a dua “Oh Allah swt please let me find the person in the dream to find out how they became closer to you then myself, I want to be best version for you”.

Her dua got accepted and she found out about the woman who was closer to Allah swt. This woman’s name was Abida. She had a Salon where she did Beauty treatments for women. This religious woman went up to her and asked if she could spend a whole day with her to find out what she did that pleased Allah swt.

Abida smiled at her customers and did treatments on them. She made conversation with them and always asked about how their day was. She went once or twice inside to do prayers. But the religious lady still wasn’t convinced about the way Abida worshipped Allah swt. She didn’t understand as Abida didn’t do any extra worship. So she went to Abida and asked “I really don’t know what you have done to please Allah swt?, I mean you just serve the customers and that’s all”, Abida smiled at her and poured some water in two water buckets. She gave it to the religious lady and told her to go on the long busy road and come back without dropping the water in the buckets. Well this religious lady tried to concentrate on the water so much that she forgot where she was going. She huffed and puffed and concentrated on the buckets so the water didn’t fall. She went back to Abida and told her that the water didn’t fall as she focused on it too much. Abida looked at her and said “I have a business and I try to make the customers feel better but I also do Zikar with my tongue. I am patience when things don’t go the way I want it as I know Allah swt plans are better then mine. I balance my deen and dunya that’s why Allah swt is pleased with me. You focused on the water too much and forgot to do zikar and you also forgot Allah swt for those few minutes. We need to help others in a good way and always do good deeds when we have the chance”…..The religious lady fell down and did sujood “Ya Allah swt please forgive me for being too Arrogant and judgmental about this woman, everything you do is always good”, she hugged Abida and went home to become better in herself..

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