Stay safe

It’s a ultimate test for all of us in 2020. We all need to stay focus and be positive for our loved ones. Yes we know it’s hard to stay at home but please do it.

If you do have symptoms then stay but sometime people will not feel any of the symptoms but to save a human being please start to act seriously. We all want to go for a walk with our children. But sometimes you have to just stay home and walk in the garden. This is a chance for you to spend more time with the kids and play with them. This is the time to be aware of all your special gifts from Allah swt. Stay in touch with the ones you love and just be safe. Allah swt has taught us to always think about others, and always to help them by doing a good deed.

Be safe and stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus. And if you have to work or go for grocery shopping please wash your hands and wear gloves so the other person does not get a virus. It’s not about yourself but all the humans that need to be protected.

Just be positive for everyone and stay safe!!, this is a opportunity to read the Quran, to get closer to Allah swt. You can also clean the house and still do zikar!!…Yes use this chance to be best version for the Akhira and for Allah swt.. Yes I know you probably don’t want to hear this but this is the biggest test for all of us. Think about this, Allah swt is testing us with this virus to see who is indeed practising what they preached, this is a test to see who trusts Allah swt plans. This is a exam to check who will do good.. Just to dua for everyone else ,in sh allah everything will be okey…

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