Are we scared of what poverty is?, Remember we are still rich as we still can buy food and water..

Poverty is for someone who does not have shelter, support or any essential that they need.

Yes it is a very hard time to pay the bill or the mortgage but we still are lucky to have shelter.

Give even a ten pounds to someone in the poverty countries or someone here that are homeless.

If you are scared to be poor then you really don’t have much faith in Allah swt. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourselves and start to give even a date to someone that doesn’t have anything.

.No you don’t have much money?, then try to give a smile to someone that needs it.. That is also a charity to make someone happy 😃.. Yes Islam is very easy to follow just try to be positive and give, give and give!!, Allah swt will give you more when you take a opportunity to do better for someone else.. Don’t be scared of being poor start to do more for others and your heart will become rich as it will be spiritually enhanced with Allah swt love…

Good day everyone !!!…

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