I was not mad

Well everytime I wanted to talk about Islam or about Allah swt I was always considered to be in stress or too passionate about what I believed in. Well this is my blog and I will talk about what I want to talk about!, yes i am crazy and madly in love with Allah swt!! And I will say I am everything to him and I love the fact that people think that I am different.

I am the truth and Allah swt is my universe and my positive energy !!! So you can just go and talk about my madness.. I donโ€™t care anymore about what people will say, I was always protected by my beautiful creator and thatโ€™s enough for me……,

8 thoughts on “I was not mad

  1. Love of Allah is a part of our Imaan. Talking about His love is not insanity. If anyone disrespect you or hurt it doesn’t mean that you start calling it madness.
    Love of Allah is our life and we are proud of it. Don’t make yourself insecure if some insanes can’t understand this. We are answerable to Allah not anyone else.
    Be firm and strong.
    May Allah give us strength to face those who’re really insane.
    May Allah bless you more and most, Ameen ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

    1. Jazak allah Khairun for this I really needed it…Allah swt is everything… no one understood where I was coming from when I started to talk about Allah swt…….

    2. Dear, Salma you don’t need to tell anyone. Most of the people here are just to hurt you.
      Your action is more powerful answer.
      May Allah make your life easier and give you so much peace and happiness that you deserve, Ameen

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