Water detox

Okey guys if you are feeling bloated, or you feel as if your stomach is empty. You feel as if anything you eat that your still hungry, go and get a pint glass. In the morning if you can please boil the water and drink warm water but in three glasses. Drink slowly and small gulps. It will take at least 35 minutes or more to drink it.

Although read the four Quls on it and Ayat Kursi and drink it all up. Yes I know three glasses everyday morning!! But it really will work but you need to do it constantly. So all that toxic waste will go to the toilet. Yes I know you will need to go to the toilet but if you working in the morning then please drink it at 6am.. I know it’s going to be hard but you really need to do this as it will help you also get rid of (magic) yes it’s real guys!! The doctors and health people are right. We really need to get up and drink water. Please please you can have breakfast after 45 minutes but avoid bread of any sorts to become better in yourselves . Try to drink throughout the day, green tea and any sort of hot drinks. Have fruits for sugar cravings and eat healthier.

You will get lazy but trust me from experiences it really works. Thank you for my little cousin and another friend for telling me this xxxx and Allhumdillah it really works!!! From experiences xxx

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