The Dua

I never understood what I was created for.. sometimes I closed my eyes and whispered silently a dua “Please guide me towards you no matter how much work I need to do, i want to struggle for you”…..since I was young i observed the people around me trying hard to find someone to follow. But everywhere I looked , I never could find anyone that I loved to be like, everything I saw were temporary feelings….I knew at once that there was something better for me to search for….

I was always obedience to my parents even though sometimes there were things that really bothered me about their way of thinking…

I was attached to my siblings and parents which was a negative thing.. I was craving love from something that was temporary.. no one could understand the way I thought about life..

I was too attached to the dunya.. I was too attached to the people around it.. that I forgot there was something greater outside of the box….

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