Darkness comes the light

There were dark spirits everywhere I looked. I tried to protect myself by repeating Ayat Kursi, one thing that I remembered.

My skin was torn repeatedly as I paced around the scattered buildings which were ripped apart from the earthquake. My heart was beating so fast as I stopped to breath. My tongue was thirsty, it dried without any water around. I looked up at the grey and dark sky, the moon today became gloomy red with an ugly sight. I had tears in my eyes, there was so much regret and disappointment inside me. Everything was for nothing. I walked fast as I could, trying to find a solution to my problems. I just knew that there was someone that could help me. My creator left me to be tested. I tried to do dua but right now I knew my most gracious and merciful creator was not happy with me.

There was one group that was walking straight ahead, “don’t go that way, it’s not safe”, I tried to tell but there was no voice in my throat. I had no energy to speak, there was just a whisper..

I knew in my heart that Allah sub haan Waala taala had someone who would safe us from this doom.

I saw this lamp near a cave, I looked in to it something was shining through. There was this beautiful man with so much noor on his face. There was something about him that made my body pull near him. I felt so much happier while I saw him. My inside became alive spiritually, I felt so good but as I walked towards him, I could feel the heat on my self, I looked around the darkness there were too many people in the cave. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to see the beautiful person anymore but there was some hope in this world. There was positive vibes around me. All those negative vibes were gone as I stood there looking upon this lamp in this dunya…

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